Ecsotica Spa & Health Club at Alchymist Grand Hotel and Spa

Prague Wellness Hotel

Dear Guests,

Thank you for your interest in our Ecsotica Spa.

We are delighted to announce that treatments at the Ecsotica Spa will be open again from May 3rd.

To verify availability, do not hesitate to contact us at

We are looking forward to your visit

Ecsotica Spa


Indonesia in Prague

We create a place, that you will not only picture, but also feel, and soak into positive energy. 

Ecsotica Spa & Health Club is a true gem in the center of the Lesser Town area. Prepare for a sensory experience, when you walk down the renaissance staircase, that resembles to an ancient temple. Discover ultimate indulgence right when you enter, while the extraordinary scent and smoothing music pamper your senses. Ecsotica Spa interior has extraordinary design elements of natural Balinese wood to recreate the unique and magnetic atmosphere of Indonesia. Our dear guests can enjoy a variety of Indonesian-inspired signature treatments, provided by an attentive care of our talented therapists, who will guide you on a path to the source of your inner beauty and peace. 



Balinese traditional massage

A deep tissue massage using age-old Balinese techniques to release muscles tension and even the most stubborn knots in your body.

60 minutes / 90 minutes          1.600 CZK / 1.900 CZK


Alchymist massage

The signature therapy combines techniques of Balinese, Hawaiian and Swedish massage exclusively only at Ecsotica Spa.

60 minutes / 90 minutes          1.600 CZK / 1.900 CZK


Javanese massage

A traditional full body massage using firm pressure to promote relaxation and ease muscle aches and tension.

60 minutes / 90 minutes          1.600 CZK / 1.900 CZK


Borneo massage

Soothing pampering massage using elbow and kneading motions, helps to relax your mind and de-stress your body.

60 minutes / 90 minutes          1.600 CZK / 1.900 CZK


Bamboo massage

Bamboo massage releases energy blockages of the body, stimulates blood circulation, has similar effects as lymphatic massage, removes back pain, relieves tension and muscle stiffness. It is especially suitable for people with swelling or cellulite. Not recommended for very slim people

60 minutes / 90 minutes          1.600 CZK / 1.900 CZK


Stone massage

Heated stones are placed on the body to loose tight muscles and balance body energy. Deeply soothing and intense massage form.

60 minutes / 90 minutes          1.600 CZK / 1.900 CZK


Duo massage (four handed)

Intensive four handed massage. Enjoy the sensation of being pampered by two therapists, who work simultaneously to restore balance of your body.

60 minutes                              2.900 CZK


Romance massage (aromatherapy)

Perfect option for a couple, the sensual experience is elevated to new levels. Your massage with a blend of recommended essential oils will take place in a room decorated with rose petals and pleasant music, creating a romantic ambience.

60 minutes / 90 minutes          3.200 CZK / 3.800 CZK


Foot Ritual 

Your ritual starts with a soothing foot bath and peeling followed by a relaxing massage of your shoulders, neck and head, that prepares you for the therapy focusing on reflex points of your feet. 

60 minutes                              1.600 CZK


Foot massage

Using finger pressure focusing on reflex points on soles to improve blood circulation, it has an energizing effect and increases sense of daily well-being.

30 minutes                              690 CZK


Back massage  

An integrated head, neck and shoulder massage, releases stress and tight muscles. Perfect for all those suffer from headaches or daily hectic lifestyle.

30 minutes                              690 CZK


Balinese coffee body scrub                                                                

(including body compress and body milk)

Bring your skin to a radiant glow and shine with the gentle exfoliating and stimulating powers of coffee scrubs. Let us inspire you with traditional beauty rituals of Javanese princesses.

45 minutes 1.400 CZK 


Balinese cocoa body wrap                                                                

(including body scrub, body mask and body milk)

Indulge your senses with exotic scents while you are cocooned in weightless wrap and your body absorbs the active ingredients.

80 minutes 1.800 CZK


Sumatra Sunset

Body scrub                          45 mins
Body mask                          45 mins
Relaxing body massage      60 mins
2 hours 30 minutes - 3.350 CZK


Keraton Java

Cinnamon body scrub       45 mins
Mangir body mask             45 mins
Milk bath                            30 mins
2 hours - 2.650 CZK


Ecsotica Delight                                     

Body scrub                        45 minutes
Relaxing body massage    90 minutes
2 hours 15 minutes - 2.800 CZK

IV. Facials

Dear Guests,

please, be informed the Facial Treatmants are currently not available.

Thank you for understanding.

Ecsotica Spa Management

V. Gift Certificates


Treat your loved ones with an unforgettable experience in our luxury Ecsotica Spa and Health Club. 

Vouchers are available to use for all of our spa experiences, from the single treatments to the full day spa packages or you can choose a given value based on your requests. 

For more information or for purchasing the certificates, please, contact us at or via phone +420 257 286 011.


Dear Guests,

We would like to kindly inform you, that in accordance with local regulations our wellness ares (swimming pool, saunas and gym) is closed.

Thank you for your understanding

Ecsotica Spa Management



Spa Treatments: Mon - Sun 8:00am - 7:00pm



For reservation and more information about our spa services, please, contact our reception either by phone : +420 257 286 011 or by email: 


We kindly ask you to arrive 15 minutes prior to the scheduled appointment time, to fill our consultation form, choose the type of treatment and change your clothes. Arriving late may interfere with your treatment time. All appointments will end at their scheduled time.

Please, notify us about any health conditions, allergies or injuries, which could affect your treatment or health.


To avoid payment in full, please cancel your treatment no later than 24 hours in advance. In case of payment by a gift certificate, the certificate will be redeemed in a full amount.


Please, be advised due to the health and safety regulations, children under the age of 16 years using the Health Club and Ecsotica Spa facilities need to be accompanied by an adult.