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The Alchymist Grand Hotel and Spa is housed in a magnificent Baroque house “Dum u Jeziska”, dating from the 16th century, and it takes its name from the time of Rudolf II, whose court teemed with alchemists, seeking to turn base metal into gold. This 5 star Prague hotel has been sensitively restored to provide you with all possible modern comforts and yet, at the same time, it has retained its historical charm. This luxury and wellness spa hotel is a true gem hidden away in that tranquil part of Prague known as the Lesser Town (Malá Strana) which is an ideal starting point for exploring this beautiful city.

It is the ideal venue for many occasions: a romantic weekend away, that very special holiday, a wedding one will never forget, or indeed an elegant and efficient place for conferences and meetings. We also offer seasonal packages when you can enjoy your stay at our luxury boutique hotel at a very special price. Special offers allow you to enjoy this boutique, 5 star accommodation to its fullest potential with its superb wellness and spa facilities, sensational cuisine, and first class service.

History of "Dum u Jeziska"

History of "Dum u Jeziska"(House at the Jesus Child), which houses the Alchymist Grand Hotel and Spa.

The land on which the Dum u Jeziska and other buildings stand originated from the local garden apportionment that took place towards the end of the sixteenth century under the supervision of the notable builder, Oldrich Avostalis.

Based on the wishes of the Lesser Town settlement representatives, he also drafted the regulation of two streets, known today as the Bretislavova and Vlasska Streets. He also proposed the construction of eighteen new buildings here.

The oldest preserved part of the Dum u Jeziska is the rear portion facing the courtyard, which was built after 1591. The lower part of the original tower structure, with its perimeter masonry supported by steel bars, dates from the fortification of the Lesser Town in 1257, the oldest Premyslid fortification.

The Dum u Jeziska is also linked with several legends. One of them says that a convent once stood there and a local nun seriously violated the rules of her order. Although the legend does not specify her offence, we can assume it was a breach of the order of celibacy, because the punishment that followed was the usual sentence for this kind of behavior - she was bricked alive. Legend claims that her unhappy soul has been wandering the nights here ever since; however, the legend also suggests a solution - the nun will be freed only when the house built on the former convent foundations is demolished and the nun's remains are, duly buried.

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