Jessica nail care promotes the well-being of natural nails by identifying different nail types and creating customized treatments for each type. Commit to  Jessica nail cultivation and achieve lovely nails through unique technique and use of exceptional products. Give your hands and feet all this attention and see the results: growing, glowing, naturally beautiful nails with nothing artificial added.

Jessica manicure

Ladies 60 minutes         1.300 CZK

Gentlemen  60 minutes  1.000 CZK

Express manicure


Express manicure 30 minutes                  600 CZK

Express manicure with nail polish 45 min. 900 CZK

Jessica pedicure

Ladies  90 minutes         1.900 CZK

Gentlemen  60 minutes   1.500 CZK

Express pedicure

Express pedicure 45 minutes                   900 CZK

Express pedicure with nail polish 60 min. 1200 CZK  





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