The Alchymist Grand Hotel and Spa is proud of its culinary art and offers a wide range of preselected menus and buffet receptions. Yet we are also happy to create a special tailor-made offer for you and recommend quality wines and beverages.


Traditional Czech Wedding Menu

Amuse Bouche
Fillet of smoked trout with green salad and asparagus
Strong beef consommé with home made liver balls and vegetable julienne
Traditional „Svíčková“ roast beef meat from South Bohemia with the vegetable cream sauce, marinated cranberries and Carlsbad dumplings
Plate of assorted Czech cheeses with walnuts and grape garnish
Freshly brewed coffee or tea served with traditional Czech wedding buns

CZK 1.450 per person
(minimum of 5 guests)


Wedding Reception

A glass of Forget-Brimont 1er Cru Brut Champagne with fresh strawberry
Orange and apple juice, still and sparkling mineral water
2 pc Vol-au-vent with goat cheese
1 pc Fresh oysters
1 pc Spiced Scottish salmon and vegetable skewer
2 pc Salmon roe caviar blinis
1 pc Foie gras on a crostini

CZK 650 per person
(minimum of 5 guests)


Wedding Buffet 

Assorted green salads and fresh vegetables with herb, balsamico and Italian dressings
Octopus carpaccio with potatoes, red scallions and black olives
Smoked Scotish salmon with créme fraiche
Home made chicken liver pâté with cranberries
Baked roast beef with Parmasan cheese and rocket salad

Chicken velouté cream with vegetables

Fried tuna sambousak
Beef meat balls in home made tomato sauce
Spaghetti alla guitara with mussels and cherry Pachino tomatoes

Whole dorade royal baked in a salty crust
Baked chicken breasts with Verde sauce
Veal cutlets with rocket salad and tomatoes
Roasted pork tenderloin with sauce of porcini mushrooms

Light purée made of Harmony potatoes
Lukewarm marinated Mediterranean vegetables
Rice pilaf with green peas
Fresh bakery products and home made bread

Choice of local farm cheeses with walnuts and preserves
Selection of mini desserts
Grandmamas wedding buns
Whole and sliced fresh fruits

Freshly brewed coffee or selection of teas

CZK 1.650 per person
(minimum of 10 guests)







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