The 1920´s party on the Halloween Night

Opulent and elegant, the Halloween party at the Alchymist Grand Hotel & Spa took guests back in time to the 1920´s . While ladies dressed up on flapper dresses and gentlemen accompanied them in their fracks and tuxedos, the glittering shine of Moser crystal, swing live music and the gastronomical delights prepared according to the original 20’s recipes by Chef, Tomáš Sysel, completed the unique atmosphere.


The guest of honour, Ladislav Špaček, former spokesman of  president Václav Havel, took this occasion to officially launch and introduce his new book, “Business etiquette and communication”. Being the iconic tailor´s house of the First Republic, Salon Knize featured the elegant dress code samples for formal occasions and the legendary and one of-a-kind perfume Knize. His neighbour from the Viennese Graben, the shoemaker Högl introduced the limited edition from Guido Maria Kretschmer made of exquisite leather and richly decorated with Swarovski elements.





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