Escada Sport introduced the Spring / Summer 2012 collection

Lovers of luxury met on the first evening of March at the Alchymist Grand Hotel and Spa in order to celebrate the presage of spring and admire the newest trends for the upcoming spring-summer.  Expectation and curiosity were high to see the new creations by  Roberto Coin, Escada Sport and Moser and these three prestigious brands did not disappoint indeed.

Subtle materials and pastel colors completely gained the control of the newest Escada Sport collection and brought a fresh taste of the blooming spring. Escorting the models on the catwalk was the dazzling glance of precious stones by Roberto Coin  featuring the famous diamond cut Cento with 100 bezels.

Moser prepared the exhibition of one of their limited collections and provided the guests with an unique oportunity to adulate  the glass Chameleon perched with more than 117 carats of natural Czech garnets.

The Magnificent premise of The Alchymist Grand Hotel with its romantic adjacent terrace garden flourished once more with splendour, music and champagne fizzle and perfectly underlined the atmosphere of the evening. 

More information about The Alchymist Grand Hotel and Spa

The Alchymist Grand Hotel & Spa is located just a few steps away from Prague Castle and the Charles Bridge, amidst the picturesque streets of the Lesser Town area. The hotel settles in four former bourgeosie houses of which the oldest one, “Dum U Jeziska” has served for various purposes and owners  during the past 5 centuries. In 2006, a 5 star boutique property was opened in the most beautiful baroque style and refined ambience.

The accommodation services are accompanied by an exquisite Italian cuisine and relaxation rituals in the hotel Spa.  The Aquarius restaurant with its adjacent Baroque courtyard provides a charming atmosphere and spoils its guests with home-made Italian pasta and fresh sea bass baked in salty crust among other traditional mediterranean recipies. 

The Ecsotica Spa is located in the ancient cellars of the hotel and offers its guests a perfect hide-away for relaxation. The natural materials combined with the smell of essential oils create an atmosphere of a Far East temple and provides a truly exceptional experience for your senses.

More information about Escada Sport

Escada, founded in 1976 in Munich, has undergone various stages of development  at the luxury fashion market untill it gained a firm position alongside such a brands as Versace, Gucci, Christian Dior, Channel and others. Company´s founders , Swedish supermodel Margareta Ley and her husband Wolfgang, propřed women luxury and respekt, allurment and elegance turned into unrecognized colors and materials. Untill her death in 1994 Margareta worked with thedesign and colors, created unique and emotional rich models which connected various Themis and clothing details – blazers, skirts, trousers and blouses.

Escada presents two major fashion lines - Escada and Escada Sport.

Escada represents sophisticated design, perfect tailoring, splendid elegance and luxury.  Escada Sport approaches wider public, emphasizes on the comfort and practicality.  Escada Sport became an anter for ascending demand for comfortble and casual wear for leisure time. This clothing lines offers business wear, street wear and casual wear.

More information about Roberto Coin

The company’s head office established by Roberto Coin in 1977 is located in Vicenza. The American branch Roberto Coin Inc. resides in New York in famous Fifth Avenue. Today, you can find Roberto Coin jewellery in more than 1 000 luxury boutiques and points of sales worldwide and finally one can buy this unique jewellery by the Master also in Prague, in the heart of the city – Pařížská Street.  Over 600 of new models of jewels are produced every year to meet the taste of various customers in Europe, North and South America and Asia, high quality of which is guaranteed by the company’s reputation. Roberto Coin himself acts as a driving force in creating jewellery. He is assisted by a team of highly skilled professionals who combine a traditional technique of making jewellery with modern innovations.

Roberto Coin creates Cento – the revolutionary 100 facet diamond cut, almost twice as many facets compared to the traditional brilliant cut. The result?  An extraordinary light performance.

In the highest form of contemporary jewellery, the number of perfection is 100: 100 ideas, 100 secrets, 100 stories, 100 ways to love and be loved and 100 lights of a unique, exceptional diamond, making a woman spark in the full splendour of her beauty.

More information about Moser

The history of the Moser glassworks is historically associated with the name of Ludwig Moser. This year is another significant landmark in the history of the Moser glass manufactory. Moser glassworks is celebrating 155 years from its founding. Our crystal works acquired recognition and acknowledgment from exceptional personalities from around the world thanks to their unique beauty and craftsmanship. The Moser trade mark became the world‘s concept of luxury crystal and the symbol of perfect manual processing. Skillful hands of our glassmakers, glass cutters and engravers inhale the unique mastery, craft and human knowledge into the crystal substance.



In Prague 5.3.2012

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