Darphin treatments

Essential facials

Enhance your personal beauty with Darphin skin care using effective, aromatic-plant based formulas and highly-pleasurable treatments.

Face massage

Facial shaping, using the combined action of deep modelling and aromatic phytodraining process exclusive to Darphin.

30 minutes       1.100 CZK

De-stress for success

Express treatment for radiant impression, instantly energises over-stressed skin in less than one hour

45 minutes       1.700 CZK

Hydra SOS

Moisture infusion restores luminosity,  brings instant relieve in tight-feeling, dehydrated skin.

Pristine clean

Deep cleansing and peeling purify unwanted  blemishes,  reveals fresh, revitalised skin.

Calming cocoon

Delicate cleansing for sensitive, reactive skin. Comforting mask calms and brings skin back into balance.

All out clean (for men)

Exfoliates skin of impurities, residues and dead cells. A fragrant, a pore minimising mask delivers a smooth complexion

60 minutes       2.200 CZK

Total well-being treatments (face or body)


Comforting, relaxing treatment for heavenly hydrated and firmed skin to renew your body. Deep cleansing and revitalizing body scrub followed by energizing massage and a luxurious pampering wrap saturates the body with aromatic essential oils to leave skin fresh and radiant.

90 minutes face       2.900 CZK

90 minutes body      2.900 CZK

3 hours                     5.300 CZK

Alqvimia treatments

Express hydration treatment 

Make-up removal, peeling, face & neck massage, hydrating face mask, fi nal treatment. Unique, quick help for tired and dehydrated skin lacking brightness, tone and elasticity. Th e peeling and massage with special vitamin oil revives your skin brilliantly and the hydrating seaweed mask gives it a feeling of comfort, restoring its natural vitality and radiance.

45 minutes   1190 CZK

Moisturizing treatment for normal / dry skin 

Make-up removal, peeling, detoxifying mask, face, neck & hands massage, hydrating face mask, final treatment.

The deep moisturizing and oxygenating treatment suitable for normal to dry skin. Th e detoxifying mask removes toxins from the skin and the massage with a special oil rich in antioxidants and vitamins stimulates the skin’s natural metabolism. The seaweed hydrating mask ensures nutrients to all its layers and the fi nal treatment leaves your skin looking and feeling smooth, soft and more luminous.

90 minutes   1790 CZK

Anti - aging  treatment 

Make-up removal, peeling, detoxifying mask, rejuvenating face, neck & hands massage, lifting mask, final treatment.

Th e cosmetic face treatment focused on immediate result – regeneration, fi rming and lifting of your skin. Th e Dead Sea detoxifying mask gives brightness to the skin, removing symptoms of tiredness. The face massage with precious myrrh, frankincense, patchouli and rosewood essential oils strengthens the features of your face. Th e last step to your perfect beauty is seaweed lifting mask.

90 minutes   1790 CZK

Calming treatment for sensitive skin

Make-up removal, peeling, face, neck & hands massage, soothing stones massage, hydrating face mask, final treatment.

Exceptional relief for sensitive or irritated skin and skin suff ering from eczema. Th e precious oils and essences used in this treatment relieve the skin of the feeling of dryness, itching and tension, removing redness and congestion at the same time. Th e cool massage, using special stones and calming serum, increase the sense of comfort. Th e hydrating mask with rare essences of Jasmine Absolute concludes this perfect ritual.

90 minutes   1790 CZK

Express hydration treatment for men 

Peeling,face & neck massage, hydrating face mask, final treatment.

Many men suff er from the sensitive skin problems of rashes, irritation, burning, and infl ammation. Th e gentle scrub, deeply relaxing massage using nutritional oils and moisturizing mask from seaweed suit perfectly to the needs of male skin. Our treatment calms and soothes the skin, leaving the feeling instantly and totally at ease.

45 minutes   1190 CZK





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