Balinese traditional massage          

A deep tissue massage using thumbs and long strokes. Stimulates blood circulation, relieves strained muscles. Ideal for men.

60 minutes      2.250 CZK

90 minutes      2.900 CZK

Alchymist massage

The signature therapy combines techniques of Balinese, Hawaiian and Swedish massage exclusively at Ecsotica Spa.

60 minutes      2.250 CZK

90 minutes      2.900 CZK

Swedish massage

Most widely known type of massage. Eases muscle aches and tension, improves flexibility and creates relaxation.

60 minutes      2.250 CZK

90 minutes      2.900 CZK

Hawaiian massage

Soothing pampering massage using elbow and kneading motions, helps to relax your mind and de-stress your body.

60 minutes      2.250 CZK

90 minutes      2.900 CZK

Thai massage

Very energising,  includes compressions and stretches like yoga. It also reduces stress, improves flexibility and range of motion.

60 minutes      2.250 CZK

90 minutes      2.900 CZK

Romance  massage (aromatherapy)

Perfect for a couple where the sensual experience is elevated to new levels. Through massage, active ingredients of essential oils are smoothed into the skin.

60 minutes      2.250 CZK/person

90 minutes      2.900 CZK/person

Stone massage

Heated stones are placed on the body to loosen tight muscles and balance body energy.  Deeply soothing, highly relaxing form of massage.

60 minutes       2.250 CZK     

90 minutes       2.900 CZK

Duo massage

Intensive four handed massage where two therapists work simultaneously to restore balance to the body.

60 minutes       3.700 CZK

Back massage

An integrated head, neck and shoulder massage, releases stress and tight muscles. Perfect for all suffering from headaches or daily busy lifestyle.

30 minutes       1.100 CZK

Foot massage

Using finger pressure on the sole of the foot. Increases sense of daily wellbeing, gives better posture and has an energising efect.

30 minutes       1.100 CZK

Body scrub

(including body compress and body milk) 

Bring your skin to a radiant glow and shine with the gentle exfoliating and stimulating powers of delicious scrubs since the pursuit of beauty has long been a daily ritual and the Javanese Lulur an integral step.              

60 minutes 1.900 CZK

Body wrap

(including body scrub, body mask and body milk)

Indulge your senses with exotic scents while you are cocooned in weightless wrap and your body absorbs the active ingredients.

90 minutes

2.500 CZK

Alchymist ultra-slimming treatment

Multifunctional thermotherapy through  application of bands that emit infrared waves to stimultate metabolic rate and fat catabolism. Has an anti-inflammatory effect, realeses chronic muscle or joint pain and promotes general detoxification through perspiration.

90 minutes

2.500 CZK

10 x 90 minutes

15.000 CZK

Bust rejuvenation

A Javanese treatment for bust reshaping through a invigorating firming massage and nourishing mask.

30 minutes

1.100 CZK

Bathing ritual

(including head & back massage, body milk)

Calm yourself in a soothing, heavenly scented bath as water jets pamper your body while delighting in the pure pleasure of being feminine. Let your mind unwind with a massage designed to relax often-tense neck and scalp muscles followed by face acupressure.

60 minutes

1.900 CZK





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