Pilsner Urquell (0,5 l) 120 CZK
The legendary pale lager and world's first and original Pilsner beer. Due to the 170-year tradition, thanks
to the identical formula and brewing procedures as well as the art and experience of many generations of Pilsen brewers, the quality of the Pilsner lager and its flavour profile are kept uncompromised, as was demonstrated
by regular laboratory comparisons, of which the oldest dates back to 1897.


Bernard Celebration (0,5 l) 120 CZK
The Celebration lager with a fine yeast culture is an un-pasteurized beer with distinctive flavor, fine yeast taste and aroma. The beer is secondary fermented in bottle so there can be a yeasty sediment on the bottom of the bottle, and the beer can be slightly cloudy during the consumation.


Bernard Yeast 10° (0,5 l) 100 CZK
Light beer Bernard with fine yeast brings you full and delicious yeast taste. This beer is characterized by pleasant bitterness, distinct pungency, with fine hop aroma and rich foam. There can be a yeasty sediment so that the beer can be slightly cloudy the consumation.


Velkopopovický Kozel (0,5 l) 100 CZK
Czech Beer of the year 2013. Due to its long successful history and excellent quality, Velkopopovický Kozel is
the second best-selling beer in the Czech Republic and
the best-selling Czech beer brand globally.


Velkopopovický Kozel Black (0,5 l) 100 CZK
Dark beer which is 3.8% ABV, made of 4 different types
of malts including a dark caramelised malt. This beer has
an unusual dark foam.


Staropramen Grapefruit (0,5 l) 100 CZK
Staropramen Cool Grep with a pleasant bitter-sour offers taste of a grapefruit with only 2 % of alcohol. If your throat demands a neat sip of refreshment, do nothing but release this low-alcoholic fruity bomb.

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